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Based on market demand and constant innovation,High night textiles and composite material are manufactured through the complete environmental protection mode of production。And the environmental protection mode of production has covered us in China,Vietnam,Taiwan and the United States all of the factory。

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The design of the vision/The performance of the comfortable 


Creative team

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The unique patented design

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  • The design technology of the frontier
  • Lighter texture
  • Stronger permeability
  • More wear-resisting shoe fabric
  • More beautiful shoe design
  • More economic vamp material selection
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NatureTex® 50

This kind of lining material50%Composition is taken from a plastic bottle recycling materials。

NatureTex® 70

This kind of lining material70%Composition is taken from a plastic bottle recycling materials。

NatureTex® 100

This type of lining material100%Composition is taken from a plastic bottle recycling materials。

NatureTex® Ultra

This type of lining material100%Recycled material composition is taken from the industry。

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It is widely agreed to be waterproof,Windproof and breathable joint materials,It is suitable for climbing,State(Lasted, strobel)Shoes and leg warmers class structure。

  • Strong waterproof performance;
  • Wind performance is wonderful;
  • High permeability;
  • Environmental protection;
  • The operation is convenient;
  • Comprehensive technical support。
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A revolutionary new patent neri joint waterproofing materials,Shoes for us to create a comfortable environment。

Moisture-Tech Diagram
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  • Strong waterproof performance;
  • Wind performance is wonderful;
  • Very competitive price;
  • Environmental protection;
  • The operation is convenient;
  • Comprehensive technical support。
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  • Good heat preservation performance,Very competitive price;
  • Flame laminating,Ensure excellent air permeability;
  • Waterproof or not waterproof shoes shall apply;
  • Optional insulation level,There is100g, 200gAnd400g,At the same time it3And can be combined into a weight500g,600gAnd800g
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Effective lock body odor--Greatly improve the hunters hunting success rate

  • Suitable for hunting gear;
  • The price is materially beneficial
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  • To prevent the bad smell;
  • Avirulent environmental protection,The United StatesEPAThe epa certification;
  • Water resistance is high
  • Effect duration can like the life of shoes for a long time
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Lava™ XL

  • A new generation of deodorant;
  • Deodorization performance is far better than the zeolite materials,The minerals in the volcanic lava and active substances extracted oxide,The effectiveness of persistent;
  • Can eliminate general antibacterial agent can eliminate the odor,Such as,Because of the smell of the gas or because the stench of the microorganism。
  • Ecological and environmental protection
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3Kinds of specifications,Professional punching fabric,Flame laminating。

  • 3D high-tech appearance;
  • Great comfort;
  • A new ventilation technology;
  • Keep the shoes dry and quick drying effect。
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BreatheRight® Ultra

3D professional grid punch combination of cotton and fabric,Equivalent200gHeat preservation cotton insulation effect,Without the heat preservation cotton heavy and bloated。

  • 3D high-tech appearance;
  • Great comfort;
  • A new ventilation technology;
  • Keep the shoes dry and quick drying effect。
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Chinese factories have in production now,Very competitive price。

  • The process design of low friction make your foot more cool and refreshing;
  • Keep the shoes dry and quick drying effect;
  • High wear resistance,The life of the shoes;
  • Anti pilling technology,Wearing more comfortable;
  • No edge inside,Production more efficient。
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We have a series of good performance of shoes lining material,They not only beautiful,And the wear-resisting performance is good,Moisture absorption ability。Products cover the high-tech sandwich mesh cloth,Super fine fiber textiles and special nylon,Polyester and their blended fabrics and so on。
High wear resistance,Stay dry shoes,Improve the wearing comfort and the characteristics of high technical content are our textiles。

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Cosmo®Comfort HBR Retain

  • Equivalent400gHeat preservation cotton insulation effect,But it did not have the heat preservation cotton thick,Heavy and bloated;
  • Thickness is like a piece of paper(Lightsome);
  • Waterproof,Windproof and breathable performance is good;
  • Aluminum plating technology innovation space,From solid to gas to solid circulation;
  • Have the effect of heat preservation cotton shoes,But there won't be used as the appearance of the insulation cotton;
  • Greatly reduced the weight of the shoes,Make the shoes more light;
  • Double color visual effects of high technology content
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Tufftex Snakeproof

  • All polyester fiber non-woven fabrics;
  • The snake bit materials ahead of the market;
  • On the rear has a breathable material adhesive coating,Make sure your shoes stronger protection ability;
  • The quality is light,But it's very tough;
  • Excellent toughness;
  • The above function by a third party independent certification testing institutions;
  • Material for the manufacture in China,So the price more really。
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Other products and processes

Hem the shoes material non-woven fabric(LiXin cloth)

In the footwear industry,We are very big in the world the hem non-woven fabrics(LiXin cloth)The production of manufacturers。We have a variety of different production LiXin cloth gram weight,At the same time also produces LiXin Gun spinning cloth。These LiXin cloth can be uppers,Shoes head and body of the reinforcement,Also can be all kinds of shoes inside the material--Such as children's shoes,Sports shoes,Work shoes,Casual shoes and so on。All these materials can be found for a variety of value-added processing processing,And affordable。In addition,Now we have more specifications of the cloth,Can satisfy the different type of shoes,The use of different function shoes needs。

The flame burning stick

Is that we brought this extraordinary process concept from the United States to China。Prior to this,Most of the joint between cloth and foam is done by adhesive solvent,The old process is not only caused damage to the environment,But also produce certain destructive to expensive leather soft fabrics。And our fire process,By heat,Accelerate cloth and molecular motion inside the foam,Combination of these two together。This process not only ensures the shoes of the soft and flexible,Permeability is also to ensure the shoes。

Glue coating

Our unique nonsolvent glue coating can be in low temperature under high pressure and fusion of the materials needed,Fusion in an instant it still retains the unique permeability at the same time,And can satisfy the customers in the shape of any requirement。

  • The solvent processing;
  • Joint fastness durable;
  • The permeability is good;
  • The price is materially beneficial;
  • Safe environmental protection。


SPLASHOFF™ Is an innovative and customized patent after the whole process。 After the whole processing can promote and change the natural or man-made fiber yarn、Fabric and garment,In order to realize the following materials value-added function:

  • To prevent the liquid penetrant
  • Waterproof,Anti-fouling,Deodorization
  • To keep “A natural feel”
  • Breathe freely
  • Color fastness and rubbing fastness is strong
  • Resistance to shrink
  • “Green environmental protection”And“Easy clean huo to save time”


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To prevent the liquid penetrant

SPLASHOFF™ In order to prevent the liquid penetrant customized professional treatment,With the merger of natural or synthetic fiber,These fibers form a connection between total frame key and the ionic bond,Be treated fibers、Yarn、Clothing fabric and finished products is formed to prevent the liquid penetration function。


SPLASHOFF™ Customize for antifouling agents,Can prevent various common stains,Mainly applied to workers﹑A soldier﹑The frontline rescuers work clothes, etc;Also can prevent because of all kinds of outdoor sports,Extreme sports and the stain,Such as:Playing golf﹑Running﹑Cycling﹑To swim﹑Hiking﹑Hunting﹑Fishing、Surfing﹑Skating﹑Skiing, etc。


SPLASHOFF™ Customize for deodorization treatment can prevent fiber absorb the moisture,So that the fiber is not easy to breed bacteria。So afterSPLASHOFF™Treatment of fibers﹑Yarn﹑Fabrics and clothing which can effectively prevent the smell。



To keep“A natural feel”

SPLASHOFF™ Treatment of fibers、Yarn、Fabrics and clothing,Feel the natural unchanged。

Breathe freely

SPLASHOFF™ Treatment of treated fabrics and clothing than normal moisture absorption perspiration permeability treatment processed materials better。



Color fastness and rubbing fastness

SPLASHOFF™ After treating agent coating of fiber and yarn,Significantly improved the typical problem of the industry---Fade”And“The decoloring”Phenomenon。


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Shrink water

By the SPLASHOFF™ After processing the treatment for the fiber,Yarn,Fabrics Or clothing size stability,No shrinkage properties。


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“Green environmental protection”And“Easy clean huo to save time”

By the SPLASHOFF™ Processing after treatment for the fabric,Clothing,Reduce nursing washing frequency,Reducing the amount of detergent,Shorten the drying time,In line with the green environmental protection concept

Waterproof breathable film laminating

All of our waterproof breathable membrane joint is made of high quality environmental protection adhesive joint,All of the membrane materialPU Or PESThin film,They are safe,Soft,Breathable elastic waterproof again。We sell is at present2Layer and3Waterproof layer structure and laminating materials and keep warm series waterproof joint materials---SympatexAnd the filmStorm PlowThere can be this kind of membrane structure of the joint。

U.S. Made Made in USA

  • Functional warp knitted nylon suction wet clothNylon Combat SuperknitApplicable to all military shoes lining material;
  • 1000Dan nylon can be of any special requirements processing,Such as waterproof,Fire protection,The infrared radiation and deodorization treatment etc;
  • And the company all kinds of high-performance hygroscopic and sweat can be used to knit cloth shoes,Clothing and other products of various kinds。