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Shandong guangyuan group co., LTD is located in the beautiful coastal city of yantai,Headquartered in zhifu district science and technology industrial park,Close to smoke peng and moon road interchange,Away from the harbour5Kilometers,Away from the airport12Kilometers,In zhifu district、Development zone、Fushan area heartland,The transportation is convenient,Convenient。Founded in guangyuan group1985Years,Passing by30Years of development,Group jurisdiction set of yantai........
The spirit of enterprise:Keep pace with The Times,Construction of guangyuan brand。The pursuit of excellence,Shaping the corporate image。
Business purposes:Quality is the first to survive,The supremacy of credibility and development。
Business philosophy:With the employer,Win-win with customers,Shared with employees,With the social co-prosperity。

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[Guangyuan horizon]
Yantai guangyuan group2005Years of development, mansion,The village is located in development zone…

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Group co., LTD:Yantai chefoo huibin science and technology industrial park road9Number  0535-6858222
Development company:Yantai chefoo huibin science and technology industrial park road9Number  0535-6858208
Civil air defense company:Yantai development zone fuzhou road26The number2Number  0535-6858225
Steel structure co., LTD:Yantai development zone fuzhou road26The number1Number  0535-6945968
The leasing company:Yantai zhifu ChuNa only way78Number  0535-2993679
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